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Joseph Abdallah

Architect, Designer, Specialized In Restoration & Conservation Of Historic Monuments And Sites, University Professor

Through his practical experience in the field of design, construction and research development as university professor, Joseph Abdallah is one of the leading practitioners of progressive design, contemporary architecture, traditional restoration of historic monuments and sites conservation.

His body of work is known for the creative use of natural light in a unique architecture that merge in its environment. Simple three-dimensional circulation paths often characterize the architect’s buildings. These paths interweave between interior and exterior spaces to interplay with the geometric shapes.

A unique architectural vocabulary; It consists of volumes making a game of solids and voids, an alternative of opened and closed spaces, a contrasts of light and darkness. The void became a volume without walls, here appears a play of three dimensional spaces in its context…

Stone and Space like Body and Soul… the architect’s approach prelude a special architectural language through new design constructions and restoration of historical monuments.